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Move to heal.
Evolve, progress, prevent injury, heal by making the right movements.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur athlete or not even a sports person, Frédéric Lennaertz and his team of colleagues will use their skills to allow you or all their other patients to :

  • improve their physical capacities
  • regain movement without pain
  • stay in motion physically and mentally
We are passionate about our work. Life and health ARE movement. We prevent and heal injuries through movement, in order to bring you back to health and regain a better quality of life.

We will guide you through your training and treatment in order for you to move again as you once did before your injury or operation. We help you avoid further injuries.

A 100% success rate will depend on an in-depth analysis of :

  • your body
  • possible lesion
  • your lifestyle (behavior and diet)
This will allow a tailor-made training or healing program /manual therapy and /or rehabilitation/ which can be adapted at any time depending on how you evolve.

Every athlete and patient is unique and so are their injuries. Together we will work out a training or healing program which is adapted to your specific needs, goal and your schedule.

The therapists at the Center for Movement all have their own specialty but always use manual therapies ( manipulation massage therapy).

For the best treatment you will benefit from :

  • a complete osteopathic treatment (structural, functional, cranial, visceral, fasciae, somato-emotional, pediatric specific ...)
  • the Origym readaptation method and other techniques such as Kinesio-taping, taping, 'Crochetage'/picking , postural rehabilitation, global active stretching, hydrotherapy
  • traditional Shiatsu and Chinese “energy” treatments
We target the exact cause of your lesion and the best way to heal it. We are continually studying the most recent practices and updating our techniques in order to provide the highest standards for our patients.

If high- performance athletes suffer an injury, our aim is to lead them back to the top of their sporting capacities. We set up a deeply thought-out rehabilitation plan in accordance with their entourage and different health specialists.

We look for the real cause of the injury and suggest a long-term solution that will help the athlete avoid suffering the same injury over and over again. We work hard to stop your old injuries from reoccurring and to avoid creating new ones and for this, the best method is reeducation and physical preparation at Origym. Other than treating and avoiding injuries, we also work on maximizing your physical capacities.