Preventing injuries whether you're an athlete or not :

Preventing sports injuries or or any other kind of injury is centered on reducing the risk of them occurring and lowering the risk of a relapse from a previous injury.

In order to do this, we provide our best prevention techniques : Origym and manual therapies.

Manual therapies -whether osteopathic, somato- emotional, shiatsu etc- are also a wonderful tool for prevention awareness. They allow you to manage your physical and mental state. In a peaceful environment these practices are used as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool for mobility restrictions.

The sessions provide not only pain relief or the treatment of disease but also an update of your physical and emotional state before a possible somatization. They also help you to maintain a good level mobility for your body and behavior, specifically the joints or visceral energy. According to us, this is the guarantee for good health.
Injury prevention for athletes
Every sport takes its specific toll on the body of an athlete. Lesions or overload in athletes depend on their history and physical or mental condition.

Injury or damage due to an overload can be avoided or prevented through a personal and well-balanced training program.

There are functional exercises aimed at strengthening muscles, balance and coordination. Engaging in consolidation or recovery exercises may allow you to have an injury-free season. At every mid-season, we also offer a specific preparation program for your particular sport.

In case of injury, we will search for the root cause in order to prevent a relapse. We do not only treat the symptoms, we want you to understand why you were injured, it is the only way to achieve a swift and long-lasting recovery.

During a season and in between seasons, your therapist will put particular emphasis on the points that need your attention in order to prevent further injury. It is always better to prevent than to cure.
Injury prevention for the non-sportsperson
Injuries such as lumbago, hernia, sprains, tendonitis, stiffness and other lesions can often be due to a sedentary lifestyle or to the lack of movement or exercise in general.

Occupying a job which requires a seated position- leaving you little or no time to exercise can lead to the weakening and sagging of muscles, this is what we refer to as a “closed posture”.

As a result, light repetitive work such as gardening, or making an unusual movement can then cause damage due to an overload.

It is possible to take preventive measures in order to avoid injury or reduce its severity and nuisances.