On one hand each sport requires, a basic level of fitness (strength, power, speed, endurance, balance, suppleness) and on the other hand, it requires a level of physical fitness that is specific to that particular sport .

The Origym concept allows you to develop both aspects in order to maximize your potential and move to the next level or simply allowing you to make the progress that you need to achieve your goal :

  1. Turning Pro
  2. Being in Group A
  3. Moving up a division
  4. Returning stronger to your game after an injury
  5. Earning your place and gaining value
  6. For younger athletes, training the body
A complete mandatory physical assessment adapted to your age allows us to set your personal goals. . The professionals will offer you a personalised and realistic fitness program based on : Strength / Endurance Power / Speed / Balance / Suppleness.

The exercises take place in our sport sroom at ORIGYM accompanied by our specialists or you can do them at home following specific instructions (theme, corrections, rhythm, timing, ...) The exercises that you receive are both individual and general and are based on the Origym physical preparation concept. ( cfr flyer pdf). Our method allows you to progress quickly without any risk-taking.
We will answer all your questions concerning your session by email or Skype (sifufred) on a daily basis . We will gladly meet your technical and physical health staff to CONNECT in the best way possible and take you to the highest level . The PRO FOOTBALL PROGRAM is aimed at

  1. All 12 to 17-year-olds who want to turn pro or just improve their game
  2. All 17 year-olds and older who want to turn pro,who are already in a Pro Group but who do not play , all young players who aim for a higher level
  3. 1. All young players , from age 7, to begin basic training (strength , balance, suppleness) and learn more about their body
This program is adapted to all children, even those playing at a high-level and wishing to be guided in order to build a solid foundation both physically and mentally, taking into account their age and personality.

PS: Each year during the winter and summer break , we organize a specific preparation and recuperation program to maximise potential for the coming season. We always collaborate with your club.