On the one hand each sport requires, a basic level of fitness strength, power, speed, endurance, balance, suppleness) and on the other hand , it requires a physical fitness that is specific to that particular sport .

We believe that for golfers the key points to work on are their balance, suppleness, speed and coordination. The Origym concept allows you to develop all of these aspects and to maximize your potential thus taking you to a higher level or simply allowing you to make the progress that you need to achieve a goal :

  • We work on the physical weak spots that hinder the improvement of your swing
  • We work on achieving a more athletic posture
  • We work on gaining distance and precision (we measure your swing speed before and after each session, you should achieve 2,5 yards per 1mph )
  • We work on preventing back problems or other injuries that are specifically linked to golf.
A complete mandatory physical assessment adapted to your age allows us to set your personal goals. The professionals will offer you a personalized and realistic fitness program based on : Strength / Endurance Power / Speed / Balance / Suppleness.

The exercises take place in our sports room at ORIGYM accompanied by our specialists or you can do them at home following specific instructions (theme, corrections, rhythm, timing, …). The exercises that you receive are both individual and general and are based on the Origym physical preparation concept. Our method allows you to progress quickly without any risk-taking.
The minimum commitment we take is of 15 days, as it takes about 15 days to notice an improvement.

After that, the duration is unlimited . At the end of your commitment period , it is required that you undergo a mandatory physical assessment in order to measure your physical progress.

We will answer all your questions concerning your session by email or Skype (sifufred) on a daily basis. We will gladly meet your technical and physical health staff to CONNECT in the best way possible and take you to the highest level .

The Pro Golf Program is aimed at :

  • Juniors who aim to reach a high level
  • Juniors from age 7, learning to discover their body through psychomotor activities thus consolidating their future physical health and condition
  • professional players who request a specific follow-up during the winter season or during competition thus maximising their techniques and their mental strength
  • amateur players who would like to develop more comfort in their game, their body and thus discover qualities they never knew they had