Whether you are an athlete or not :

Whether you are an athlete or not, we always heal you by following the same philosophy : the aim of all our treatments is to help your body regain it's mobility where it was lost and to understand the cause of the injury. We reeducate you to move correctly allowing you to heal!

The efficient treatment of a patient begins with the precise analysis of the patient's problem starting by a complete health assessment : postural analysis, global mobility test, diet, energy and behaviour. Based on your medical assessment, we will set up a treatment plan adapted to your specific needs.

The therapist will follow you individually throughout your recovery process. The relationship between the patient and the therapist is of the utmost importance as it is based on mutual trust.

Whether your ailment is chronic or acute, no matter what your age is, we will adapt our techniques in order to provide the best comfort and allow you a swift recovery. We also collaborate with your usual medical practitioner , or with the doctor of your sports club so that you can return to your activities as soon as possible.

If you require physiotherapy your treatment will always be based on functional tailor-made exercises.

We firmly believe that orthopedic injuries will heal by keeping your body in motion. The exercises we provide are based on improving the movement and the suppleness of your joints, articulations, tendons or muscle. You will regain muscular strength by doing specific exercises. These suggested exercises are adapted to your particular profession, sport or injury.

Our therapists do not use any 'ready-made' treatments or follow standard exercise plans. On the contrary, we seek the most appropriate individual treatment based on your injury, age and situation.

In physiotherapy, we use the latest techniques and material , specifically chosen to support the large variety of exercises practiced at Origym. They are functional and adapted to the specific needs of each individual.

We take care of all sorts of illnesses' and injuries that affect the skeletal-muscular apparatus through :

  • healing and avoiding future skeletal-muscular and orthopedic dysfunctions
  • physiotherapy after a lesion (sprains, tendinitis, hernia)
  • physiotherapy after an operation of a ligament, articulation or visceral surgery
  • restoration of psychomotor functions
  • physiotherapy to correct posture disorders ( eg. scoliosis)
  • retraining exercises
We are also available for taking care of any other pathology: neurological and psychomotor problems , or even the orthodontic follow-up of your child...