Manual therapy and reeducation

The physiotherapy treatment is essentially defined along 2 axes :
First axe : Manual therapy
« Healing by restoring motion through hand movements such as massage » :
  • mobilisation techniques and manipulation for the realignment of various tissues
  • deep massage of the connective tissue (referred to as “defibrosing”, vascular and neuro-reflex)
  • stretching techniques of different neuro-muscular channels
  • Myo-fascial Crochetage or 'picking'
  • Kinesio Taping (Neuro- cutane information )

Second axe : Re-education
The active remobilisation of the patient's ailments is based on a Psychomotor Functional Rehabilitation ( Origym ).

It includes: Mobility, Neuromuscular Re-strengthening, proprioception.
The goal is to re-train the patient to move again properly.

This rehabilitation is applied to :

  • post-operative orthopedic rehabilitation
  • orthopedic disorders without surgery
  • rheumatic diseases
  • motor disorder of a neurological origin
  • a rehabilitation following respiratory or cardiovascular disorders
  • posture disorders
  • the support of patients suffering lumbago
  • managing and supporting overweight patients