Osteopathy is a manual facilitated healthcare approach based on the principles that the body is a dynamic unit in which all parts are interrelated and interdependent and which possess a self -regulatory and self -healing mechanism.

The osteopath uses his sense of touch to feel disturbances in motion within the body :bone structure, joints, articulations, tissues, body liquids and energy. The practioner will treat the body as a whole and will also consider the body's environment,meaning he will also analyse the elements that may affect the patient's health: nutrition or diet, emotional state, social and cultural factors as well as any difficulties the patient may be going through on a personal level.

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, the founder of osteopathy was the first to establish that if one part of the body is damaged, it may cause further disturbances to the rest of the organism and create a disharmony within the entire body.

The osteopath practioner will not only help the patient recover from injury or physical impairment, but also re-establish a sense of harmony and balance within the body as a whole.
We use our neuro-muscular bone structure to express everything that we do...and feel. We cannot separate our actions from our thoughts and vice-versa , our cardio-lymphatic and immune system nourrishes the body in order for it to function properly and allow us to adapt to our surroundings and live normally and peacefully.

Our manual therapy offers pain relief and helps the patient regain movement where stiffness in the body was diagnosed, allowing the body to self- heal and auto-regulate itself.

Thus , osteopathy plays a key role in the Center for Movement as the aim of the Center is to help the individual to stay in shape, maintain or regain movement as much as possible. We provide osteopathic treatments for newborns, professional athletes and for the elderly.